Smögens Hafvsbad
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Smögens Hafvsbad

Smögens Hafvsbad Hotel, spa and venue opened its doors at the beginning of the last century.
The jet set of the time welcomed this new watering hole in Bohuslän with enthusiasm and the
Hafvsbad resort quickly became one of the season's must-visit destinations for city-dwellers who
flocked here to "recoup their energy after the intellectual strains of the winter".

In those days, the hotel consisted of the elegant dining room and eight rooms, as well as
accommodation and a kitchen for the housekeeper. Smögens Hafvsbad has since expanded
into a modern complex with 76 guest rooms, a large restaurant and spa and conference facilities,
but in essence it remains unchanged.

Welcome to Smögens Hafvsbad.
Mindful of the past, but firmly in the present.